GLOBAL PHOENIX, founded in 2001, is an industry leading electronics distributor with a comprehensive focus on international supply services and ecommerce markets. Inspired by the diverse needs of consumers, the Global Phoenix philosophy is to deliver truly innovative solutions that inspire productivity and fun. The company is consistently delivering the newest and greatest devices and features to our clients and end users.

Over the years Global Phoenix has established several successful brands that continue to grow and hold respected positions in the electronics industry. Brands such as KOCASO, IMOUNTEK, and SOLAREK are well known for offering high quality mobile phones, tablet PCs, audio electronics, and cutting-edge Smart Home accessories. Innovation and close understanding of our customers’ needs and desires is key to the success of the Global Phoenix brands.

Always growing and improving in an increasingly competitive market, Global Phoenix continues to thrive and expand across the world. To best serve our customers and maintain a strong international presence, Global Phoenix currently has offices and warehouses in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Shenzhen China, and Manchester UK. This blend of team-oriented cross-cultural professionals from around the world has proven to be a rare and hugely successful phenomenon.

We at Global Phoenix are determined to grow and accomplish our goals. We strive for quality in production and service on all levels and look forward to a brighter future for everyone!


Global Phoenix offers a unique “one-stop supply chain” of services that ensures the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of its products are of the highest quality and experience. Strong logistics management relationships with UPS and FEDEX coupled with strategic international warehouse locations have resulted in vast global distribution coverage. Hundreds of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises rely on Global Phoenix’s exclusive understanding of electronics manufacturing and distribution services for the success of their businesses.

5-Star Customer Service Support

Our customer service team is committed to bringing top notch support to our customers. We strive for quality in production and service on all levels.

Over 100,000 SQFT of Warehouse Space

Uniquely benefiting from strong relationships with many hardware affiliates, we offer our clients the best in pricing and terms than are generally available to the merchant public.

Fast distribute worldwide

Exceptional vendor relationships provide us with a very high level of support and ensure that we keep up to date with the latest in products and technologies.